Untitled Digimon 02 Reboot Movie

USD 5,987.68 estimated per year | 2022

Awards profile: 1/10

Days since release: 274




Now, the gate to adventure opens, and we'll finally met the first human in the world to partner with a Digimon. The first preview brings Davis (Daisuke in the original japanese), the protagonist of "Digimon Adventure 02" series, narrating when he and his Digimon partner V-mon are cooking dinner, when a gigantic DigiEgg appears in the sky. That's when they met the first human to partner with a Digimon. This new movie is about 02 and is supposed to be a sequel to the Digimon Adventure anime reboot of 2020, and a prequel to a potential new Digimon 02 anime reboot.